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My style of photography is a mixture of photojournalism and traditional with a touch of glamour. I get my best photos when the subjects are not thinking of photography. In a competitive market people including myself are looking for the best value and a style that fits their personalities.      

  Your wedding day is a beautiful celebration of your love, and the beginning of a new life for both of you. As your photographer, my mission is to reliably and unobtrusively capture in photographs all the spontaneous joy, beauty, and emotion that you, your families, and your friends will share on this day.

 Photography make us smile, laugh and even cry. They make us remember exactly how we felt in certain moments, and for a moment we are back at that special place. My philosophy is simple.


Provide amazingly unique photography and diverse service options at the most competitive price!  In other words get the most for you money! Look under services to learn more!


  God is the greatest artist of all, his magnificent creation surrounds us. I view life as a journey that must be captured.  

If you made it to this page, I think you can tell a lot about me from my work. I love telling the story of your day by capturing the moments, those times you don't want to forget.

I come from a large Italian family with many us extended into the arts or passionate about cooking and singing.  I have had a passion for photography my entire life. 

 Growing up, I was always doing some kind of visual art, whether it be photography or video editing or photo restoration. I am very tech savy, which is crucial due to the fact that photography is not just about the capture, but also very much about the post production. 

I wanted to start my own company to help others capture those small moments in time that we don't get back.  Let me bring my talent and passion to your special day. You won't be disappointed!

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